Review: The Other Side of the World

This will be a short review of The other side of the world by Stephanie Bishop. Mainly because I only read a third of the book. 

Again, the book started in the future, telling you when and where the two main characters are. We then backtrack three years, to a young family, wanting to make a new start. The husband decides (as was their responsibility in the 1960s) they will move from England to Australia.  They arrive in Perth in March in scorching heat. He has a new job and she says at home, looking after two young children. 

The loneliness of motherhood is a key theme of this book and potentially hit too close to home. As I left the book, she was getting too close to the wrong person. 

The racism experienced by the husband was disappointing and disheartening that we STILL have these backdated attitudes in 2016 (we’ve really learnt nothing in 50 years). This combined with a child the same age as the kids in the book, didn’t make it a pleasant book for me to read. Along with the frustration of the style of books I’ve read this year (where nearly all of them have started with the end), I abandoned this one. 

Rating: 2 stars (check my book review scale)

Book club book September 2016


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