Book Reviews

I enjoy reading and really like recording books I’ve read and want to read on Goodreads. When I started adding books to my ‘Goodreads’ shelf, I rated them on the 5-star scale.  Here’s my interpretation of the scale:

5 Star – Love this book. I’d happily start reading it again the moment I finish.

4 Star – Really enjoyed this book and would like to re-read again. Someday.

3 Star – Like this book. I’d probably never re-read it, but enjoyed the tale.

2 Star – Didn’t enjoy this book, but could appreciate the author’s craft / ability.

1 Star – Did not like this book. I’m never getting those hours back.

I’m unlikely to go into major plot developments in my reviews, as I prefer not to know the details, and let the story unfold before me.